Brava seeks to bring products that meet the needs of its customers and their aspiration through the continuous development of its products.

For that, Brava has launched its new phone Garnet DM-976; the most advanced in its category of the Dual Mode CDMA & GSM mobile phones, because it contains a set of features and benefits that offer a unique experience for mobile phone users far better than any other phone in its category through the different features, user friendly use, high performance, in addition to the elegant design.

Garnet DM-976 from Brava works with two systems GSM and CDMA working simultaneously at the same time with easy use free of the difficulties and problems common to other phones of this category.

Garnet DM-976 from Brava comes with 2.4” QVGA LCD with IPS technology that create the fun of experience while exploring the phone, providing a high resolution graphical interface when using the phone, viewing images, playing video and games, and using the camera.

The user will feel the high brightness that makes the clear viewing and high visibility even under sun light, Garnet from Brava users will not suffer the low visibility problems under sunlight which is common in most mobile phones.

Brava has developed the system of Garnet DM-976 to fit with the different experiences of feature mobiles users in order to provide an easy to use system when you run the various functions of the phone for any purpose such as call, messages, WAP, Files, Settings, …etc., through a beautiful graphical interface and simple menus with clear terminologies of Arabic and English.

Garnet DM-976 from Brava combines the elegance and beauty of the exterior design, with the high performance and durability. It is a unique by its elegant, striking, and attractive appearance and interesting through the beauty of its design, with the different colors it also gives the user more options to get the best. Also, The front housing is made of metal to protect the phone to ensure better performance and longer life of the phone.

Garnet DM-976 from Brava; Full features.. Unique characteristics.. Elegant and attractive design.. Higher performance and solid .. and Easy to use mobile phone.

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