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Experience The Fitness & Beauty
with SLIK
  • Running two GSM networks dual .
  • Supports Bluetooth with A2DP and FTP profiles, so you can use it for streaming your tunes to Bluetooth headset and to share your photos and music files with the others
  • For the Internet, The WAP Browser 2.0 with HTML support helps you to easily browse internet anywhere through the GPRS internet connection

Enjoy lot of features in SLIK from BRAVA.

  • Using 2 GSM cards simultaneously for lower call tariffs’
  • With real 2MP camera and external memory (up to 8GB) you will not miss the happy moments of your life.
  • Bluetooth support gives you the option to use an external BT headset to be more comfortable while having a phone call, also you can use it to share your photos and music files with others.
  • Now a days FM broadcasting is melodious and joyful. With our SLIK you will enjoy a very clear FM music sound.
  • You like to have fun with JAVA applications, so we have added JAVA support in our SLIK
  • Discover more & more amazing features after buying our new SLIK



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Audio Subsystem
Data Network
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