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CDMA and GSM network support, Windows Mobile 6.5 OS and internet access- all in one phone
  • Take high resolution photos and video clips for what may mean valuable moments in your life using the 5 MP digital camera built in your WIN-DUO DM-985 from Brava.
  • Now you can check your location on the map using GPS service (through satellite or local service provider).

First smart dual pocket PC from Brava

Now .. carry your GSM mobile phone + portable PC + high resolutions digital camera and enjoy talking to different services providers, keep in touch with internet explorer to check your emails, listen to music with different radio stations, capture the best photos & video clips only with your new WIN-DUO DM-985 mobile from Brava



- Brava DM-985 handset
- Battery and charger
- 4GB Micro-SD Memory
- USB data cable
- 2.5 mm cord headset
- PC Tools CD
- User guides and warranty card

Physical Attributes
Software Environment
Microprocessor Chipset
Memory,Storage capacity
Graphical subsystem
Audio Subsystem
Cellular Phone
Secondary Cellular Phone
Data Network
Control Peripherals
Browsing and Internet
Satellite Navigation
Built-in Digital Camera
Power Supply
Additional Details

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